We're proud to host the Don't Be A Monster anti-bullying program throughout the state of Utah.

Fear Factory has been selected as one of very few haunted houses in the country, and the only haunt in the state of Utah, to host the Don't Be A Monster program. This FREE program is taught in 5-8th grades, and emphasizes empathy, understanding, and age appropriate curricula that helps youth (and their school adults) to better approach and reduce bullying.

This FREE program is facilitated from Ogden to Provo, but may be available for further distances by special request. Assisted by our friendly Fear Factory monster Frank, this 60 minute assembly is fun, entertaining, meaningful, and heartfelt, and the data and feedback from schools has been overwhelming. With the help of our 2 partners, NateWade Subaru and The Inclusion Center for Community and Justice, we plan to reach even more schools in the future.

To request a FREE assembly, please email our facilitation partner at or call (801) 587-0823.